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Suzanne Plunkett, photographer, wife, daughter, mother, gardener, tea lady

ÒBeing freelance, It was only fair that I give up ownership of my office to my husband who is still working full-time, but now from home. I always
wanted to have financial independence and hated the thought of being a housewife and Ôserving a manÕ Now that I am home all the time with my 11-year-old, who needs companionship and help with
schoolwork, I find the days slipping by and time being marked by which family meal I am planning next. Much to my horror, I have been caught quite a few times delivering cups of tea to my husband during his numerous virtual meetings.Ó

Throughout the lockdown, I heard many career women talk about feeling like a Ò1950Õs housewife.Ó They have found that their family roles have been reversed, intensified and turned upside down. Some have struggled with their new roles and some have embraced them. Cooking and cleaning have taken on a new importance as many homes are now filled with family members around the clock. By many accounts, womenÕs careers are being seriously sidelined as a direct result of the
pandemic. For some, this means that their lives have become 1950Õs cliches, with mothers now responsible for the majority of childcare and housework.
Research has found that nearly three quarters of mothers in the UK have come to view themselves as the ÒdefaultÓ parent during the lockdown period and beyond. The University of Sussex study also said that 70% of women reported them as responsible for all or most home schooling.
All portraits ©Suzanne Plunkett 2020

Suzanne Plunkett as 1950's housewife in Hertfordshire, UK, May 11, 2020

I am @suzanne_plunkett and am a freelance photographer based just outside of London in Hertfordshire, UK.

This image is copyright Suzanne Plunkett 2020©.
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This image is copyright Suzanne Plunkett 2020©.
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